From the recording The Sky is Falling...Again

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Music and lyrics by Laszlo
Vocals by Laszlo
All instruments recorded and performed by Laszlo
Arranged and produced by Laszlo


The news of my death was greatly exaggerated
You see I’m still hanging around
Not moving from here
I’ve got time to kill
I’ve got time to keep on proving you wrong

The night is rising in some part of our world
Why don’t you just leave me alone
What’s so good about me
That’s got you tied up and lost
Like you don’t even have a life of your own

This time is mine
I’m calling to you
One way to it all
Open to the wind
But to have today
At least I’ve learned to love

So much time is wasted looking for answers
What did you think you heard me say
Who were you trying to find
Something to make you feel high
Without letting the rest of us in on it

Well I think I found you
Nothing magical
But today
Today you can’t see it

Now we are free
A place I never could be
The past remains the past
I’m hoping still for more
Something deep inside
Will never die at all

Well I think I found it
Nothing magical

Moment of grace
Eyes wide and
Curses of the young
So tired of hate
I feel a little more
Maybe one day
We will hurt no more
Will let the past remain the past
But to have today
At least I’ve learned to love