Hollow Words


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"The song 'Hollow Words' is about my experience leaving a highly-controlling fundamentalist religion. I was a devout church member and hung on every spoken and written word by its “spiritual” leaders. It was when I was in my 20s when I faced a crossroads in my faith. I struggled with this inner conflict and prayed profusely for answers. But it was only years later, and after thousands of hours of research, study and use of critical thinking, I began to see through the church's deception. In that moment, my universe was completely altered. What I thought was this unshakable and resolute foundation just collapsed right under me. Looking back, I recognize that I was systematically fed a constant stream of lies to perpetuate the guilt and fear that psychologically imprisoned me to the church, and the sobering realization that the prime years of my life were wasted. When I left the movement, I was shunned by family and friends. The aftermath was the most agonizing period of my life. Creating the melody and lyrics for 'Hollow Words' came very quickly to me - the emotion flowed and the song emerged.

Laszlo will be releasing the official music video for 'Hollow Words' in April. To be notified of the premiere date, subscribe now to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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